I'm a developer with a passion for building robust & elegant solutions to modern problems.

Products & Projects

Mercy-USA for Android and iOS

A cross-platform app written in React native that allows patrons to browse information related to Mercy-USA, as well as make donations. Available on iOS and Android.

Magic the Gathering Telegram Bot

An inline bot for serving and displaying information related to the Magic the Gathering card game inside of Telegram by leveraging the magicthegathering.io API.

History & Experience

CGI Inc.
Intern Software Engineer
June-August 2020

Worked in tandem with government agencies including the Library of Congress on document management   systems to improve productivity and efficiency for the US courts system.  Employed full stack development environments using C++ to meet client requirements while maintaining speed   and maintainability.

Intern Software Engineer
August-December 2019

Designed, developed, and tested leading edge technology solutions in areas such as cybersecurity, satellite ground systems, information management systems, cloud computing, and mobility. Worked in a collaborative, team-oriented Agile software development environment.

Intact Insurance (OneBeacon)
Intern Software Engineer
May-August 2019

Involved in the full systems life cycle, responsible for designing, coding, testing, implementing and supporting applications software that is delivered on time and within budget.

Radford University - Division of Information Technology
Tier 1 Technician
August 2016 - May 2019

Responsible for assisting Radford University clients with computing and telecommunication problems, as well as scheduling, managing, and organizing student employees.


Radford University
Bachelors of Computer Science -- Software Engineering Concentration
December 2019

General Computer Science with a focus on design for large, complex software systems. Current best practices and process models of the software development life cycle covered with detailed study of all process phases from requirements elicitation through operations and maintenance. Emphasis on design attributes that make it possible to efficiently implement, extend, and maintain large systems.